Omnipix is a equirectangular 2:1 aspect ratio image assembly that allows viewing in every direction in a full 360 degree view, including an unobstructed view of plus/minus 90 degrees from the horizon. The projected spherical panorama image is 360x180 degree format photograph sometimes also called a panograph. We have simplified the name of this to Omnipix.

Omni meaning "a combining form meaning all" and Pix "multiple pictures" according to it is these multiple pictures/images stitched together that allows for the Omnipix view of 360x180 degrees.

These created
Omnipix images are then displayed via a computer on screen using primarily Adobe Flash, Java, QuickTime or other browser plug-ins such as DevalVR. Please don't be confused, all these are browser plug-ins including Flash. Though commonly thought to be installed on most modern day computers. We also now offer Apple Safari HTML5 (web Kit) browser native projection which allows for viewing on iPhone and iPad devices as well as Safari web browser via your PC or MAC.

The final result is a panoramic image displayed as a 360x180 panorama where you can see all, everywhere.

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